We are TechgrayScale

We are a Denver-based design studio, passionate about digital design that speaks to the needs of today and the future.

A Quick Introduction

Founded in 2008, we began growing a team that could provide a holistic approach to design and problem solving, offering a broad range of services tied to expansive tech development.

Our background is in interactive design, so we love all things digital. We craft meaningful experiences tailored to our clients, helping brands connect with their audience, particularly where design and technology intersect.


We are natural problem solvers. Because after all, that’s what design is meant to do. Right?


It’s easy to find a developer, but rare to find a strategic partner who looks holistically at a company, their issues and solutions to help move them into a new arena.

TechGrayscale has done this for me and my clients. They’re great at what they do, but more importantly, they’re unique in how they helped identify and solve issues we didn’t even know existed.

patrick jager

CEO, Core Innovation Group